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Job Description

A medical assistant is a person who has been trained to perform both clinical and administrative tasks in a doctor’s office. They are the link between the doctor and the patient.

They are responsible for taking medical histories, recording vital signs, performing routine laboratory tests, scheduling appointments, assisting with minor surgery and essentially keeping the office running smoothly.

The duties of a medical assistant vary from office to office and depend on the size of the practice and the specialty of the doctor. In a large practice, they may be responsible for more clerical duties such as billing and insurance processing. In a small office, they may be responsible for more clinical tasks such as taking X-rays or giving injections.

Most Medical assistants have either completed a postsecondary education program or have received on-the-job training. Some states have regulations regarding Medical Assistants but most do not.


Medical assistants in Fairfax VA typically have a wide range of responsibilities, from handling administrative duties to caring for patients. However, their ultimate goal is to support doctors and other healthcare professionals in providing quality patient care.

The specific duties of medical assistants can vary depending on the size and type of facility they work in, as well as the state they are licensed in. However, there are some common duties that most medical assistants perform on a daily basis. These can include:

• Answering phones and scheduling appointments
• Updating patient medical records
• Taking and recording patient vital signs
• Preparing patients for examination
• Assisting the physician during exams
• Collecting and processing lab specimens
• Performing basic laboratory tests
• Instructing patients on taking medication and other treatments
• assisting with billing and coding

Medical assistants in Fairfax VA typically have a wide range of responsibilities, from handling administrative duties to caring for patients. However, their ultimate goal is to support doctors and other healthcare professionals in providing quality patient care.


Medical assistants are multi-skilled health care professionals specifically trained to work in outpatient settings such as medical offices and clinics. They perform both administrative and clinical tasks that support the work of physicians and other health care practitioners. While medical assistants are not licensed, they must complete an accredited program of study and pass a national certification examination to earn their credential.

There is considerable variation in the education and training required for medical assistants. Some states allow them to perform certain tasks, such as administering injections, without formal training or certification, while other states have more restrictive laws. The scope of practice for medical assistants also varies by state. In general, however, medical assistants perform a wide range of administrative and clinical tasks, including taking and recording patients’ vital signs; documenting patients’ medical histories; preparing examination rooms; scheduling appointments; handling correspondence; billing and coding insurance forms; implementing infection control procedures; and assisting with minor office surgeries.


Medical assistants in Fairfax VA must complete an accredited medical assistant program. Some programs may require certification and some may not. In general, medical assistants in Fairfax VA complete a one- or two-year program that leads to an Associate’s degree or certificate. Many programs include an externship, which provides students with hands-on experience in a medical office or clinic.


Medical assistants in Fairfax, VA are unlicensed support personnel who perform both clinical and administrative tasks in physician’s offices, clinics and other outpatient care facilities. Although not required by law, many employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed a medical assistant program and/or have been certified by either the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) or the National Healthcare Association (NHA).


The average salary for a Medical Assistant is $15.15 per hour in Fairfax, VA. Salary estimates are based on 579 salaries submitted anonymously to Indeed by Medical Assistant employees, users, and collected from past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months. The typical tenure for a Medical Assistant is 1-3 years.

Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for medical assistants in Fairfax VA is good. The bureau predicts that the number of medical assistant jobs in the area will grow by 21 percent between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the average growth rate for all occupations.

Pros and Cons

Working as a medical assistant has its pros and cons. Some of the pros include working in a stable industry with good job security, having the opportunity to help people, and having a good work/life balance. Some of the cons include working long hours, dealing with sick people, and having a high level of stress.

Fairfax, VA

Medical assistants in Fairfax, VA work primarily in outpatient care centers. There they handle a variety of administrative and clinical tasks to keep the medical office running smoothly. Many medical assistants have an associate degree or postsecondary certificate, but some may have a high school diploma or less education. Some states require medical assistants to be certified.

Medical assistants perform many routine tasks, such as taking and recording patients’ vital signs, measuring patients’ weight and height, drawing blood and preparing it for lab testing, giving injections, scheduling appointments, handling correspondence, billing and coding insurance forms, and ordering supplies. They also may perform basic laboratory tests on site, dispose of contaminated supplies, sterilize equipment, instruct patients about the proper care of wounds or other conditions at home. Some medical assistants work in specialized clinics such as those that focus on podiatry, optometry or dermatology; others may work in hospitals.


Medical assistants are critical members of the health care team who provide basic patient care, take medical histories and perform routine diagnostic tests, as well as assist the physician during examinations.

In Fairfax, VA, medical assistants work in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. They may also be employed by research facilities or pharmaceutical companies. There is a growing demand for medical assistants in Fairfax, VA, as the population continues to age and the need for health care services increases.

Medical assistants must be able to multi-task and perform a variety of tasks with minimal supervision. They must have strong communication and interpersonal skills and be able to work effectively with patients of all ages. In addition, they must be able to maintain confidentiality of patient information.

Most medical assistant programs in Fairfax, VA, are offered at community colleges and technical schools. Programs typically take two years to complete and include classroom instruction as well as hands-on training in a clinical setting.

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