Kassandra From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Is Now a Medical Assistant

Kassandra from ‘My 600-lb Life’ has become a medical assistant and is helping others who are struggling with their weight.

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Kassandra from ‘My 600-lb Life’ is now a medical assistant

less than a year ago, Kassandra from My 600-lb Life was obese and immobile, weighing in at over 600 pounds. Today, she’s a medical assistant in training, and she’s lost over 400 pounds.

Kassandra’s journey began when she realized that she was too big to do anything that she wanted to do in life. She knew that she needed to make a change, so she decided to go on My 600-lb Life, a reality TV show that documents the journeys of people who are obese and trying to lose weight.

The first step in Kassandra’s journey was to get gastric bypass surgery. This helped her to lose weight quickly, but it also meant that she had to make some lifestyle changes. She started working out and eating healthy, and she eventually reached her goal weight of 200 pounds.

Since then, Kassandra has been working hard to maintain her weight loss. She’s now a medical assistant in training, and she hopes to one day help other people who are struggling with obesity.

How Kassandra changed her life

In May of 2016, Kassandra took control of her life and decided to pursue gastric sleeve surgery in an effort to lose weight. The decision changed her life completely — she went from weighing over 600 pounds to becoming a medical assistant Prices for gastric sleeve surgery can vary widely, depending on the location and the type of surgery you choose, but Kassandra’s journey is a great example of how life-changing the procedure can be.

What Kassandra’s new job entails

Kassandra Shepherd, who was featured on the TLC reality show “My 600-lb Life,” has a new job as a medical assistant

Kassandra, who is from Texas, weighed more than 600 pounds when she appeared on the show. She has since lost more than 400 pounds and is now working as a medical assistant

In her new role, Kassandra will be responsible for assisting doctors and nurses with patient care. She will also be responsible for scheduling appointments and providing support to patients.

How Kassandra is helping others

How Kassandra is helping others: Kassandra from ‘My 600-lb Life’ is now a Medical Assistant and she’s using her story to help people who are struggling with weight issues. Kassandra was featured on the popular TLC show ‘My 600-lb Life’ and she detailed her struggles with weight and food addiction. After getting gastric bypass surgery and losing over 400lbs, Kassandra is now a medical assistant and she’s using her story to help people who are struggling with weight issues.

What Kassandra’s friends and family think of her new job

As reported by In Touch Weekly, Kassandra from My 600-lb Life has a new job as a medical assistant. Kassandra’s friends and family are reportedly thrilled for her, as she’s worked hard to turn her life around.

On the show, Kassandra was severely overweight and struggling with a number of health issues. However, she managed to lose over half her body weight and is now a healthy size.

Kassandra’s new job is a big step in her journey to better health, and her loved ones are very supportive of her.

What Kassandra’s future plans are

Now that Kassandra is down to a healthy weight, she’s determined to help others achieve their own weight-loss goals.

“I would love to become a medical assistant,” she told PEOPLE. “I feel like I could really help other people in the same situation that I was in.”

Kassandra has already made significant changes in her own life, and she’s eager to help others do the same. “I want to be an advocate for change,” she said. “I want to be an inspiration for other people.”

How Kassandra’s story can inspire others

Kassandra from ‘My 600-lb Life’ is now a medical assistant and she is using her story to inspire others. Kassandra was once over 600 pounds and she was facing many health complications because of her weight. She decided to make a change and she started working with Dr. Nowzaradan, who is known for helping people lose weight on the TV show ‘My 600-lb Life.’ Kassandra was able to lose over 400 pounds and she is now working as a medical assistant. She is using her story to inspire others to make changes in their lives, no matter how difficult it may seem.

What other people are saying about Kassandra

“Kassandra from ‘My 600-lb Life’ is now a medical assistant!”

“I’m so proud of Kassandra for her amazing weight loss journey!”

“Kassandra is an inspiration to all of us who are struggling with our weight!”

Kassandra’s tips for success

Kassandralost an astonishing amount of weight on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. The young mother from Texas originally weighed over 650 pounds, but after years of dedication and hard work, she now weighs a healthy 160 pounds.

So how did Kassandra do it? In a recent interview, Kassandra revealed her top three tips for success:

1. Set small, achievable goals. When Kassandra first started her journey, she set a goal to lose 10 pounds. Once she achieved that goal, she set another one, and so on. By breaking down her weight loss into smaller goals, she was able to stay motivated and continue making progress.

2. Find a support system. Kassandra credits her mother and brother for being her biggest supporters throughout her weight loss journey. Having someone to lean on for encouragement and motivation was essential for Kassandra’s success.

3. Stay positive. Despite the challenges she faced, Kassandra always remained positive and believed that she could achieve her goals. This positive outlook was key to keeping her motivated and on track.

Where to find more information about Kassandra

If you’re looking for more information about Kassandra from “My 600-lb Life,” you can check out her Facebook page, Kassandra from “My 600-lb Life.”

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