How Much Does a Certified Medical Assistant Make in NYC?

How Much Does a Certified medical assistant Make in NYC?

The average salary for a Certified medical assistant in New York is $34,874. This is 5% higher than the national average salary for a Certified medical assistant

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Job Description

A certified medical assistant (CMA) is a professional who provides various healthcare services to patients under the supervision of a licensed medical provider. The duties of a CMA can vary depending on the specific needs of the medical office or clinic where they work, but generally include tasks such as taking patient vital signs, preparing exam rooms, assisting with procedures, and providing patient education. CMAs may also be responsible for administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and processing insurance paperwork.

In order to become a CMA, individuals must complete an accredited training program and pass a certification exam. Many states also require CMAs to maintain their certification by completing continuing education credits on a regular basis. The average salary for a CMA in New York City is $52,000 per year.


The duties of a certified medical assistant (CMA) range from supportive to clinical. The most important characteristic of a CMA is the ability to work with a team. Medical assistants must be able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the medical office or clinic and willingly take on new tasks as assigned. They are responsible for both administrative duties and direct patient care. A medical assistant’s specific duties vary from office to office, but usually include:

Answering telephones
Greeting patients
Updating and filing patient medical records
Scheduling appointments
Arranging for hospital admissions and laboratory services
Preparing patients for examination
Assisting the physician during examinations
Drawing blood
Instructing patients on taking medications and dieting
Performing routine laboratory tests
Recommending over-the-counter medications


The average salary for a Certified Medical Assistant in New York is $17.50 per hour. This is 4% higher than the national average salary for a Certified Medical Assistant.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for certified Medical Assistants in NYC is quite positive. In fact, the demand for these professionals is expected to grow by nearly 20% in the next decade. This is significantly faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. As the healthcare industry continues to expand, certified medical assistants will be needed to perform a variety of tasks, including taking patient histories, scheduling appointments, and handling billing and insurance paperwork.

Education and Training

Those who wish to become a certified medical assistant (CMA) in New York City typically need to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, although some jobs may require postsecondary education, and all CMAs must complete a brief period of on-the-job training. Some community colleges and other schools in NYC offer certification programs specifically for medical assistants, which can last anywhere from several months to a year. These programs typically include both classroom instruction and hands-on training in areas such as making appointments and coordinating care, administering medications, measuring patients’ vital signs, and performing basic laboratory tests. Although certification is not required to work as a medical assistant in NYC, many employers prefer or require candidates to be certified. The most common certification for medical assistants is offered by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). To earn this credential, candidates must pass a written exam.


In order to practice as a medical assistant in the state of New York, you must have a valid license. The cost of the license itself is not expensive, but you will need to show proof of completion of an accredited medical assistant program and pass an exam. Licensed medical assistants in NYC earn an average salary of $41,000 per year.


Earning potential for medical assistants varies by location and type of employer, but is generally good. In 2013, the mean annual wage for medical assistants was $30,780, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The top 10% in the field made more than $41,570 per year while the bottom 10% earned an annual wage of $22,550 or less.


Skills is a section on a resume where you list the abilities and expertise that you have acquired throughout your life and career. This section is important because it allows employers to see, at a glance, whether or not you have the qualifications they are looking for.

Some skills are “hard” skills, which means they are specific abilities that can be quantify. Examples of hard skills include:
-The ability to use Microsoft Excel
-The ability to type 80 words per minute
-The ability to speak Spanish fluently

Other skills are “soft” skills, which are more general abilities that cannot be easily measured. Examples of soft skills include:

Work Schedule

Most medical assistants work full time. Some work evenings or weekends to accommodate the schedules of medical offices and clinics.


benefits that come with being a certified medical assistant in NYC. With the right training and certification, you can enjoy a stable career with good pay and benefits.

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