Certified Medical Assistant Salary in Mississippi

Wondering how much you can earn as a certified medical assistant in Mississippi? We have the answers, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Job Description

The medical assistant job description commonly includes both administrative and clinical duties. Many times, the medical assistant is the first person the patient will encounter when they come into the office, so it is important that they be able to put the patient at ease and handle all administrative duties in a prompt and professional manner. They may also be responsible for taking and recording medical histories and vital statistics, scheduling appointments, providing instruction to patients on various medical procedures, preparing patients for examination, assisting the physician during the examination, and collecting and processing laboratory specimens. Clinical duties may include perform basic laboratory tests, prepare patients for X-rays, take electrocardiograms, remove sutures, change dressings on wounds, give injections, teach patients how to administer medication or injections at home, perform phlebotomy or draw blood.

Education and Training

Education and Training
The first step to becoming a medical assistant is to obtain the necessary education and training. Medical assistants must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent, although some positions may require postsecondary education, and most employers provide on-the-job training.

Those who wish to learn more about the medical field may consider pursuing a certificate or associate’s degree in medical assisting. These programs typically last about two years and cover topics such as anatomy, physiology, Medical Terminology and administrative duties. Some programs also include an externship, which allows students to gain real-world experience before entering the workforce.

Salary and Job Outlook

In Mississippi, Medical Assistants make a mean annual wage of $30,690, which is lower than the national average of $33,610. Job prospects for medical assistants in Mississippi are positive, as the state is projected to see a 23.8% increase in employment opportunities for medical assistants between 2016 and 2026. This is higher than the expected national growth rate of 23.1%.

Job Opportunities

There are many opportunities for certified medical assistants in Mississippi. With a state average salary of $33,780, this career path is a great way to enter the medical field. Opportunities for certified medical assistants exist in all parts of Mississippi, from the Gulf Coast to the Mississippi Delta. hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices are always in need of good medical assistants, and the demand is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Mississippi CMA Certification

Certified Medical Assistants (CMAs) in Mississippi are in high demand and expected to see a lot of job growth in the coming years. Mississippi CMAs earn an average salary of $33,780, which is slightly lower than the national average. With a little experience, CMAs can expect to earn closer to $40,000 per year. There is a great deal of variation in pay depending on the employer and location. CMA salaries in Mississippi range from $28,000 to $39,000 per year.

CMA Exam and Certification

In order to become a certified medical assistant, you must first pass the CMA exam. After passing the exam, you will be issued a certificate that is valid for 60 months. In order to renew your certification, you must either retake the exam or earn continuing education credits.

The average salary for a certified medical assistant in Mississippi is $29,800. However, salary ranges can vary depending on factors such as experience, geographic location, and employer.

CMA Renewal and Recertification

The process of renewing and recertifying as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) in Mississippi is handled by the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). CMAs must submit an application for renewal and recertification along with the required fees. In order to be eligible for renewal, CMAs must have completed at least 50 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) within the past five years.

CMA Job Duties

The CMA job description includes a wide range of both clerical and clinical tasks. Clinical duties may include taking vitals, sterilizing equipment, administering injections, drawing blood, and performing EKGs. Clerical tasks may include answering phones, scheduling appointments, updating patient records, billing and coding insurance forms, and handling correspondence. Many CMAs also take on basic office manager duties such as ordering supplies, stocking exam rooms, and training new staff members.

CMA Salary in Mississippi

The average salary for a Certified Medical Assistant in Mississippi is $33,290. This is 4% lower than the national average salary for a Certified Medical Assistant.

CMA Career Outlook

There are many different types of medical assistants, each with their own set of responsibilities. The duties of a certified medical assistant (CMA) may include taking medical histories and recording vital signs, explain procedures to patients, assist physicians with examinations, prepare patients for X-rays, give injections and change dressings on wounds. In some states, CMAs may also be allowed to administer medications as directed by a physician.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for medical assistants was $31,540 in May 2016. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $23,430, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $43,870.

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