How to Become a Medical Technical Assistant

A medical technical assistant is a healthcare professional who helps doctors and other medical personnel with patient care. If you want to become a medical technical assistant, you will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent, complete an accredited training program, and pass a certification exam.

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Medical technical assistants, or MTAs, are skilled professionals who provide essential support to doctors and other healthcare practitioners. MTAs perform a variety of tasks, from keeping patient records and ordering supplies to scheduling appointments and preparing patients for procedures.

Although the job title of medical technical assistant is not currently regulated by any professional body, the MTA role is an important one in healthcare settings. If you are interested in becoming an MTA, there are a few things you will need to do. In this guide, we will discuss what you need to know about becoming an MTA, including the skills and knowledge you will need to get started in this rewarding career.

What is a Medical Technical Assistant?

A medical technical assistant is a medical professional who provides support to doctors and other medical staff. They may work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Medical technical assistants typically have an associate’s degree or certificate in medical assisting.

The Role of a Medical Technical Assistant

A medical technical assistant is a healthcare professional who provides patient care and assists medical staff with diagnostic testing and procedures. Also known as an MTA, medical technical assistants work in hospitals, clinics, and physician’s offices. They may also be employed by companies that manufacture or sell medical equipment

The most common duties of an MTA include taking patient history and vital signs, preparing patients for examination, performing routine laboratory tests, and assisting with diagnosis and treatment. An MTA may also help to maintain medical records and schedule appointments. To become an MTA, one must usually complete a postsecondary education program in medical technology or a related field.

The Education and Training of a Medical Technical Assistant

The education and training of a medical technical assistant usually takes place in a community college or technical school. Many programs last two years and lead to an Associate’s degree, although some may only last one year and lead to a certificate.

The coursework for these programs covers topics such as Medical Terminology anatomy and physiology, administrative medical procedures, and clinical laboratory techniques. Many programs also include an externship component, which allows students to gain hands-on experience in a real-world medical setting.

After completing their educational program, medical technical assistants must obtain certification from an accredited organization such as the National Healthcare Association or the American Medical Technologists. Some states also have their own certification requirements. Once certified, medical technical assistants can find employment in hospitals, physician’s offices, clinics, or other healthcare facilities.

The Certification of a Medical Technical Assistant

Medical technical assistants (MTAs) are health care professionals who provide direct patient care under the supervision of a licensed physician. They are also responsible for performing a variety of medical and clerical tasks. MTAs typically work in hospitals, physician offices, and clinics.

To become an MTA, you must first complete a certified medical assistant program. These programs are usually offered by community colleges and technical schools. During your training, you will learn about medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostic procedures, and patient care techniques. You will also receive instruction in office procedures such as scheduling appointments and billing insurance companies.

After completing a certified medical assistant program, you must then pass a national certification exam administered by the National Healthcare Association (NHA). Once you have passed the exam, you will be awarded the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) credential.

The Salary and Job Outlook of a Medical Technical Assistant

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a medical technical assistant was $37,110 in May of 2016. The salary range for this occupation is typically between $29,360 and $48,990. Job growth for medical technical assistants is expected to be 29 percent from 2016 to 2026, which is much faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. The aging population and advances in medical technology will continue to drive demand for medical technical assistants.

The Job Duties of a Medical Technical Assistant

Medical technical assistants provide support to licensed medical professionals in hospitals and clinics. Also known as Medical assistants they perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks, such as scheduling appointments, taking medical histories, maintaining records, billing patients and handling insurance claims. They also may prepare patients for examination, take vital signs or give injections under the supervision of a licensed physician.

To become a medical technical assistant, you usually need to complete a postsecondary education program. Medical technical assistant programs are available at many community colleges and vocational schools. These programs typically last from one to two years and lead to a certificate or an associate degree in medical assisting.

The Skills Needed to Become a Medical Technical Assistant

There are several skills that you will need to have in order to become a medical technical assistant. These skills will help you be successful in your role and provide the best care possible for patients.

Some of the skills that you will need to have include:

-The ability to communicate effectively with patients and their families.
-The ability to keep calm under pressure and think clearly in stressful situations.
-The ability to follow instructions and procedures correctly.
-The ability to pay attention to detail and identify errors.
-The ability to work well independently and as part of a team.

The Work Schedule of a Medical Technical Assistant

As a medical technical assistant, you will usually work a full-time schedule. However, there may be opportunities for part-time and shift work, depending on the needs of your employer. Many medical technical assistants also work on an on-call basis, which means that they are available to come into work at short notice if necessary.


In conclusion, to become a medical technical assistant, you will need to complete an accredited program, pass the required exams, and obtain certification. With the right education and training, you can become a vital member of the healthcare team and make a difference in the lives of patients.

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